Retail Security Systems

Colortag Plus

A combination EAS Alarm / Dye tag,
with a new thief-proof lock that prevents removal by pirate detachers

  Plus tag on shirt
Colortag Plus


Tags being removed by pirate openers, and pins being cut off in change rooms, are the major reasons EAS Security Systems are continuously defeated. There must be a better way. Colortag Plus/EAS is a better way. This tag is about solving shop theft, once and for all.

It's 3 ways better than anything you have ever seen:

  1. Stops forcible removal of tags. Any attempt to cut the pin will fracture the ampoule and release a freeze-proof, permanent staining dye.
  2. Operates with all RF 8.2 Mhz. or Electro Magnetic Systems.
  3. New heavy duty lock. Prevents tag removal by pirate removers.  




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