Retail Security Systems

Colortag Midi

The most asked for security dye tag in the world

  Midi tag on shirt
Colortag Midi

Colortag Midi is an exceptionally user-friendly dye tag, for both customers and staff alike. Equipped with Colortag's unique glass ampoule, the marking dye is pressurized to ensure maximum damage to garments, in the event of unauthorised removal.

Weighing just 10 grams, the Midi is suited to a wide range of fabrics, even the most delicate. Colortag dye is laser sealed in optical quality glass.

Exceptionally high quality lock that never jams. Stainless-steel pin, with polished point to avoid damage to sensitive garments. Quick release detacher-tag opens from the outside of garment. Does not interfere with customers trying garments on.




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