Retail Security Systems

Merchandise and Cabinet Alarms

wireless transmitter
sattellite alarm unit
  Satellite Merchandise Alarm,
with Retractor Curly Cord
  cabinet alarm
Cabinet Alarm

Satellite Merchandise Alarm

The Satellite range revolutionises the curly cord security system. This professionally made wireless system continuously transmits a signal to the base satellite. In the event protected merchandise is tampered with, a high-pitched alarm is activated, both at the base satellite, and the protected item. The system can only be disarmed by the store manager, from a key-ring remote transmitter. No hard wiring is required which means merchandise can be moved to different locations to suit the store layout. Satellite provides tremendous flexibility, without the usual expensive installation costs associated with these types of systems.

Cabinet / Product Alarm

Protects your display merchandise from unwanted removal or theft. An easily installed, low cost unit that suits a wide range of goods. Offers excellent protection for display cabinets. Any attempt to open the display cabinet door, immediatey activates an 80 decibel siren. Secure your DVD players, VHS players, digital cameras, notebook computers, palm tops, glass cabinets, etc.

Retractor / Curly Cords

Used to protect mobile telephones, remote controls, and a wide range of small sized merchandise. Alarmed, and non-alarmed, options available.retractor curly cord



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