Laptop Computer Security


Serious security for a serious problem!

Weight (empty) 3.5kg
Width 375mm
Length 360mm
Height 150mm
Laptops fit easily into e-Safes
Docking station in use  




When it comes to laptop security, it really is an open and shut case!

Ask Police about laptop computer theft, and you'll soon realize how big a problem the theft of laptops really is. It's a huge problem for Police, and a bigger one for business. It's not just the cost of replacement laptops either, the loss of corporate secrets, and commercially sensitive data, is causing enormous problems.

Thousands of computers are stolen annually from offices, cars, hotel lobbies and airports right around Australia. The bottom line is, the more mobile business becomes, the greater the risk of laptop computer crime.


The Ultimate Security For Laptop Computers

'e-Safe' is the ultimate security for laptop computers, protecting you, your staff and your business, 24 hours a day, in your home, office and vehicle. It's the safest and most secure way of protecting laptop computers available.

'e-Safe' locks on and off its own docking station. It's designed to carry laptop computers, files, peripherals, mobile phones, and various other commercially sensitive items that business needs protected. Docking stations may be purchased separately, and fitted in vehicles and other secure locations.

'e-Safe' is manufactured in GE® Lexan Impact modified Polycarbonate- a material so strong it is used extensively in high security applications, such as bullet- proof windows, bank security screens and Police riot shields. This lightweight miracle material, makes 'e-Safe' easy to carry yet, at the same time, virtually indestructible. A choice of two optional high security locks is available.


Weight (empty) 3.5kg. Dimensions: Width 375mm Length 360mm Height 150mm.





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