Computer Security Systems


The Security System that's been proven
to stop the loss of Computers & Office Equipment

Equi Barlock
  Equi Barlocks protect printers scanners, faxes and a wide range of equipment
Equi Barlock securing computer
  Computer is locked to desk and removed as required
Fixing diagram
  Barlocks are affixed to underside of computers

Could you afford to have your computer stolen? Worse still, could you afford to lose the data stored within it? Months, if not years, of work could be lost in seconds.

EquiLock is an ingenious security system that's proven to prevent the theft of personal computers, and a wide range of office equipment.

Interlocking metal slides are fastened to the desk,, and your computer, with a super strong 3M VHB (Very High Bond) double-sided adhesive tape. The adhesive is so strong it actually locks your computer to the desk.

Equi's unique fixing method ensures there's no damage to desk surfaces either. When you purchase a new computer, it's simply a matter of transferring Equi Barlocks to the new equipment.

Fitting and removal of computers, from the EquiLock security system, is via a two-in-one barrel lock, which can be supplied either keyed alike or keyed to differ.





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