Securing Cash & Valuables

Hide-Away Retail Drop Safe

The best way to protect cash & valuables from theft

Australian Made
Hide-Away Retail Safe

Weight: 1.5Kg
Width 185mm
Length 360mm
Height 70mm

Hide-Away Retail Drop Safe has all the same, high security, features as the standard Hide-Away, but incorporates a one-way money slot, to ensure the safe handling of cash in busy retail environments.

Use the Hide-Away Drop Safe as a back up to your cash register. Sales staff can regularly deposit larger denominations, during the course of trading, thereby minimizing the amount of cash being held at the sales counter at any one time.

The Hide-Away Retail Drop Safe optimizes the safe handling of cash, and adds to staff security. It places your staff at less risk, in the event of a snatch and grab, or hold-up. Because deposits are one-way, there can never be any security concerns either. Optional tamper-proof security seals, and carry handle, are also available to ensure the safe transportation of takings to other locations.

Hide-Away Retail Drop Safe... It's the best way to protect your cash from theft.





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