Notebook Computer Security

Defcon CL

Protecting you, and your Notebook Computer, from theft

Defcon CL Defcon CL cable
Defcon CL lock & cable  

You lock your house when you leave it, you lock your car when you leave it, with more than 300,000 notebook computers stolen last year, can you afford not to securely lock your notebook?

Defcon CL

A 'keyless' solution to notebook security. Two metres of cut-resistant, stainless steel cable secures your notebook to any fixed object. Attaches to your notebook's lock slot via a four-digit combination lock.

Simply loop the cable around a desk or any fixed object, connect it to your notebook's lock slot and set your combination. No more keys to worry about and your notebook is safe and secure. 10,000 user-settable combinations.

Defcon CL attached to notebook  
4 Digit Combination Lock with up to 10,000 settings




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