Notebook Computer Security

Defcon 3

Protecting you, and your Notebook Computer, from theft

Defcon 3 with remote
  Defcon 3 securing case

You lock your house when you leave it, you lock your car when you leave it, with more than 300,000 notebook computers stolen last year, can you afford not to securely lock your notebook?

Defcon 3

The Defcon 3 Security System combines the convenience of a remote control with a 94-decibel alarm. Attaches to your computer carry case via a stainless steel cable. Defcon 3 remote control keychain span is up to 12 meters, making it the ideal travelling companion for airports, hotel lobbies - in fact wherever you take your notebook.

Defcon 3 detects when your computer is moved, shaken, or any attempt is made to sever the cable, triggering a piercing alarm. Your remote control ID code is unique and only responds to your unit. You can activate, programme, arm, disarm, and de-activate at the touch of a button.





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