Notebook Computer Security

Defcon 1

Protecting you, and your Notebook Computer, from theft

Defcon 1 in action Defcon 1  
protecting case at airport
Defcon 1 —
Simple to use, difficult for thieves to disarm

You lock your house when you leave it, you lock your car when you leave it, with more than 300,000 notebook computers stolen last year, can you afford not to securely lock your notebook?

Defcon 1

Defcon 1 guards your Notebook everywhere you go. This revolutionary anti-theft system combines a cut resistant retractable stainless steel cable with advanced motion sensor technology. Attempts to steal the computer activate a piercing 110-decibel alarm, alerting you and everyone around you.

Defcon1 is versatile, lightweight and easy to use. Attaches to your carry case or Notebook. User settable combination lock with up to 10,000 possible combinations.


A movement activated 110 decibel Alarm is instantly activated if attempts are made to steal your Notebook
  Defcon 1 with SLA secured to desk  
Security Lock Adapter Defcon 1 comes with a Security Lock Adapter to secure notebooks with a security lock slot




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