Retail Security Systems

Anti-theft Security Systems
in Dye and EAS Alarm


Colortag Plus
Colortag Midi

Colortag is the most widely known and respected name in dye tag security in the world. Colortag works because it makes the whole act of stealing un-rewarding. Colortags don't false alarm, embarrass your customers, restrict your floor space, and never ever need servicing.

Even if you're already using an EAS system, you can upgrade it and, improve its efficiency with Colortag Plus.

Forcible removal ruins garment

The results Colortag achieves are equal to, if not better than, those of the high profile, expensive, EAS systems. The difference is they are achieved at a fraction of the cost. Properly managed, you can expect Colortag to reduce your current rate of shop theft by around 80%.





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