Retail Security Systems

Security Cameras and Mirrors

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Realistic Looking Security Cameras and Domes

Add additional security features to your store, with strategically placed, realistic looking, Security Cameras and Domes, at a fraction of the cost of the originals. These look so real, it is difficult to tell the difference to the real thing. A great, and inexpensive, way to make your store just that bit more unattractive to potential thieves. The camera is battery-operated and rotates just the same as an actual security camera.

Security Mirrors

Valuable merchandise, shielded from view by partitions and shelving, becomes an easy target for shop thieves. Convex mirrors help you overcome this problem. Their presence is a valuable deterrent to would-be thieves. Wide range available to suit your particular application. All mirrors are of excellent quality and easy to install. 300, 450 and 600mm sizes available. ceiling dome



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